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Asked Questions

To make things clear and user-friendly, we have listed the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in one concise section. Have a look at our FAQs below and get in touch if you need any additional information.


1. Is there a minimum order? Yes, there is a minimum order of 20 of each item. Pricing gets better with quantity.

2. How to place an order? Every order starts with a Quote Form. This gives me foundational information to be able to assemble a preliminary proposal based on your wants and needs, design aesthetic, and budgetary requirements. A consultation call can always be scheduled to guide you through the quote form, or after receiving the quote to answer any possible questions you may have, and to go more in-depth into the project scope.

3. What can I customize in the In-House Collection of existing designs? • Wording/Text • Materials Used • Ink Colors • Envelope Colors & Styles • Monograms • Add-ons and Embellishments ★ Font Changes for an Additional Fee ★ Client-provided designs are printable on our acrylics

4. Can I change the wording of the invite? Can I add my parents' names? Can I add my RSVP info/website on the invite card? Yes, we are happy to change the wording/text, free of charge. However, if you require a "font/typeface or design" change or mix-n-match, again this can be done but will incur a small design fee, based on how many changes you require.

6. Where are you based? We manufacture and ship worldwide from India. Our work timings are based on the Eastern Time Zone US/Canada.

What is the order timeline for invitations? Please refer to the link below for more details:

I love a particular set, but I am wondering if the Acrylic or the Envelope/Insert card colors can be changed? Yes, we are happy to make color changes to any of our collections, please get in touch to know the possibilities. We keep adding newer colors for our envelopes and inks.

Does each invitation come with an envelope? Yes, We offer thick cardstock envelopes for the acrylic invites with direct printing inside the flaps in matching font and ink colors. We also offer upgrades to our envelopes for adding envelope liners and envelope addressing at additional pricing. Refer to "customization options" our website for more details.

Does each RSVP come with an envelope? Our RSVP’s can be : (a) a traditional RSVP card with an RSVP Envelope and complimentary RSVP addressing. (b) used without an RSVP envelope to be mailed as an online RSVP/Details card, along with other information on it like dress-code reception, etc. if you would like. Printed single or double side. ( c) used like a postcard, printed double sided so all your guest needs to do is fill in the details, place a stamp in the right hand corner and pop it in the post.

Are envelope liners supplied with the envelopes? Although some envelopes are photographed with envelope liners, these are not included with each order. These are available as upgrades to the existing envelopes starting from USD 0.75 each. BUT we do include direct printing of initials/date inside the envelope flaps as COMPLIMENTARY!

What is the difference in direct printing and envelope liners? Direct printing on the inside flap is done with matching ink colors and font styles on the inside of the thick cardstock envelopes. Whereas, Envelope Liners are “additional inserts inside” the envelope to make them a little thicker for acrylic use or to add colors to the set with digital printing.

How do I make payment? We accept two methods of payment – Paypal (You can directly check out with your card details via PayPal, without having to make a PayPal account) OR Bank Transfers. We will request your preference upon initial contact.

How long before getting married should I order my Stationery? The ordering process from start to finish usually takes between 5-8 weeks. Rush Orders available for delivery within 2-4 weeks. Therefore we advise you to order your invitations 5-6 months before your BIG DAY!. This will ensure you have enough time to confirm guest numbers if you then wish to order 2nd phase products from us (menus, place cards, table numbers, etc)

Do you send proofs before the files are sent for Printing? If so, when do I see the proofs? Before any of your paper goods go to print you will see a digital proof/mockup via the Etsy conversations within 3-4 Business Days of the deposit order. All proofs must be approved and signed off prior to sending them to printing. Any changes after the artwork has been sent to press will incur additional fees, depending on where we are at the printing process. The proofing session will take place until the final design is approved. We want clients to be thrilled with their design, so we don't cap the number of proofs; it usually takes two rounds to get the design finalized. GreenMango Kraft is not responsible for any errors or typos that were approved by the client for printing.

How many invitations should I order? Remember to add up your invitations per couple/family, rather than per guest. Usually 60-70% of your guest list. We also always advise ordering at least 5-10 extra invitations, as this will allow for any mistakes or if you need to invite other guests at the last minute or to have these little treasures as keepsakes!

Can I get a cancel/refund after my items have been sent to print? For personalized items, unfortunately not. All items are specifically designed and personalized for you. It is your responsibility to check the design proof for the layout, information, wording and spelling. However rest assured, that we will not go to print until we have had your approval that you are 100% happy, changes can be made at the proofing stage

Do you ship Internationally? Yes – we ship worldwide via DHL Express which takes 4-6 Business Days for delivery. On some occasions, customers will be liable for import tax or customs duties, depending on the rules and regulations in their respective States/Countries.

How much is Delivery? Shipping charges depend on factors like quantity and the number of items in each set. For your convenience, we add our shipping charges in the quote when given to you. This shipping charge is separately shown in the listing when you pay your final balance amount. The total amount paid would still be the same as the quoted price, including shipping.

How will my items be sent and what if they are damaged? We use DHL Express for all hour delivery services. Once the order is shipped, we are not liable for any delays during shipping/customs or freight damages. We pride ourselves in offering high quality products, with a first class customer service. However, if there is anything that you are not happy with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will always do our utmost to resolve any issues – we do not want any of our customers to be left feeling unhappy.

I'm not happy about something? We pride ourselves in offering high quality products, with a first class customer service, however, if there is anything that you are not happy with your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will always do our utmost to resolve any issues, we do not want any of our customers to be left feeling unhappy. Please get in touch within three business days of receiving the order.

Can I order a printed sample? You certainly can, we offer to send two to four acrylic types non-personalised sample invitation cards with various paper and ink color choices, as per the selections made in the SAMPLE FORM. Please make sure you have filled in the sample form after you place the sample order on Etsy. Sample form (link) All samples are non-personalised using generic details, or often pulled from our on-going recent orders, with the aim to provide you an insight of the design, colors and material quality. These will usually be dispatched within one to two working days of receiving your Sample Form.

Can I order a sample from the cardstock Collections? You certainly can, we offer Cardstock Invite Samples. Please do get in touch with your requested items/colors, along with a delivery address and these will usually be dispatched within one to two working days.

Can I get a sample of the Acrylic and Cardstock invitations? Sure, please mention your specifics in the sample form to include the cardstock invitation samples and we will send you the samples in the colors requested, if we have them in stock.

My final order is a slightly different shade of color to my initial sample? Due to the nature of digital printing, there may sometimes be very slight inconsistencies with color – especially when batches are printed at different times.

What wording info do I provide for the invite and where? With the Deposit link sent to you, we also send a Wording Form/Questionnaire link. Please submit the EXACT WORDING, just as you would like it on the invitations, in order to avoid back n forth during the proofing process.

Can I order only the acrylic invites? No other additional items. Yes, you can! Please contact us for pricing.

Can I provide you with my custom design or monogram to be printed on the acrylics? Sure we can print your custom monogram or custom provided design file for the invitations. Please contact us with a screenshot of the design that you would like us to print and I shall be able to help you accordingly.

Can I do a QR code on the acrylic? Yes, we can print the QR code on the Black or White Acrylics not recommended for the Clear Transparent or the Frosted Translucent Acrylics.

Do you print envelope addresses with guest names and addresses? Yes, we can match font and ink colors for envelope printing which includes return addresses on the back flap and guest names/addresses on the front of the envelope. Return addresses only for USD 0.50. Return + Guest Addresses start from USD 2.50 each envelope.

What is the size/thickness of the acrylics and cardstocks? Clear/Black/White Acrylics are of 2 mm thickness. Frosted Translucent Acrylic is 2.25 mm in thickness. Standard size of our invitations 5x7 inches. RSVP Card 4x6 with Envelopes. Other Insert Cards 3.5x5 or 4x6 inches. Belly Band 1.75x12 inches with self adhesive tapes on one end for DIY assembly.

Do the invitations come assembled? We do not assemble the invitations except for the liners which come attached inside the envelopes if you order them. All items are packed separately and shipped inside a big box for you to assemble. The main envelopes and the RSVP Envelopes have peel and stick adhesive tapes for sealing.

Do you offer wax seals? Yes, we can do the wax seals for you which are done directly from our coordinated shop in the US and shipped only within the US via USPS priority. Wax seals have self adhesive backing (peel n stick sticker).

Are the acrylics bendable/flexible? No, our acrylics are minimum 2 mm thickness, non-bendable, non-flexible, perfect for Invitations or Menus or Place Cards!

How do I provide you with the guest addresses? Once the deposit is paid, I will email you the guest address template in the Excel Sheet as well as number format for you to copy paste the address in our format and send back to us via email. you will have 3-4 Business Days to send us the Guest Names/Addresses. Rush order Guest Names/Addresses have to be emailed to us within 24 hours of the purchase, in the required format.

Where are you based? We manufacture and ship worldwide from India. Our work timings are based on the Eastern Time Zone US/Canada.

I need a rush order, how soon can you deliver? We offer rush order services with the delivery being made within 2 to 3 weeks or sooner depending on the number of items in each set and the requirements. Please contact us via etsy conversations for more information on rush delivery.

Do you offer a digital copy of the monogram? Yes, sure! You can buy the digital monogram used for your invites for USD 45, for using it on other wedding stationeries and coordinates like menus, seating charts, floor decals, etc.

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