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If you haven't already received a sample pack, I highly recommend ordering one so you can see the paper options, colors, and printing styles in person. It's not required, but it would be so helpful for you to have on hand and be sure of our material and work.

Now booking for 2022 onwards.

Anything within 3-4 weeks is considered as a Rush Order for an additional Rush Service fee. Standard Orders take 5-7 weeks. Depending on what all you need.

PS - Recommend one invitation per household/couple/family, not one invitation per guest. This is not the total headcount.

Please make sure you order extra invites for any last-minute forgotten guests or keepsakes as reordering a small quantity would be much higher in price.


This question sometimes makes clients uncomfortable, so let's put you at ease...
We've helped clients make a beautiful first impression with a stunning invitation at budgets from $600 - $5000.
Please input a realistic number..By knowing what a comfortable price point is for you, we can help guide you toward the right acrylic, size, papers, and options that are appropriate for your unique event.

PS - This is the total headcount.

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PS - Not sure what sort of investment to expect? As a guide, most GreenMango Kraft couples allocate 8-10% of their overall wedding budget for their invitation suite and wedding day paper goods, including "day-of-stationery". The money question can be scary, but I promise I'm not trying to max out your budget! I just want to make sure I'm suggesting options that fit your price range. 


Check out our Packages  We offer pre-made packages for our invitations. Add-ons like Envelope liners, belly bands, envelope addressing can be added from the add-on section.

If you selected semi-custom invitations, which suite would you like to order? Share a link to the Design from OUR shop (for semi-custom) or an inspiration to describe what you are looking for. Pls note, we do not replicate other designer's work due to work ethics. This will just be for our reference to get an understanding of your design choices.

You can also check our Instagram Page for our newest collection.

Invite Text Ink Color

Check out our envelope colors & types.

  • Cardstock Envelopes - Good for acrylic invites or Paper Stock invites.

  • Regular Paper Envelopes: Good for Paper Stock invites. Not recommended for Acrylic invites.

  • Hand-made Deckled Edge Paper Envelopes: Good for Paper or Acrylic invites. Liners highly recommended when doing acrylic invites with handmade paper envelopes.

  • Suede+Outer Envelopes: Good for Paper or Acrylic invites. Liners required when used with either options.

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If yes, please include the name your Wedding Planner. If you are a Wedding Planner inquiring on behalf of your clients, please include the couple's names and indicate if you would like to be the primary contact for this project, in the comment box below.

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